Young NBV

Young NBV session
Time: 9:00 - 10:00h

Scientific communication for large audiences, do's and don'ts

How to explain science to a non-scientific audience? In this workshop, you will be prepared for coming debates about changes in EU rules on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and new genomic techniques (NGTs).

GMOs are rarely used for cultivation in the EU due to longstanding fears of their environmental effects and some campaign groups say gene-editing brings similar risks. A recent European Commission study on new genomic techniques (NGTs) highlights their potential to contribute to sustainable food, while acknowledging there were concerns about safety, the environmental impact, and the issue of labelling. The Commission said it will consult national governments and other interested parties, produce an impact assessment, and conduct a public consultation.(

After an introduction to science journalism by Joost van Kasteren, we will work on a case study preparing a Q&A session for a radio interview. Joost will share some useful tips for do’s and don’ts for public speaking and communicating scientific research to non-scientific audience.

Speaker: Joost van Kasteren.