Young NBV

Breakout session: Young NBV "engineer your job"
Time: 11:05 - 12:05h

Work is a big part of our lives. And thus, for most of us, having a job that is fulfilling and meaningful is important. The current turbulent times as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and a fast-changing job market pose a challenge here. However, you may have more influence on your career than you think.

In this workshop we hope to inspire you by showing how other people with a biotech background steered their careers. We also help you to take the first steps in determining (or changing) the direction of your career yourself.

Maaike Taconis.jpgThis workshop will be hosted by Maaike Taconis, a career coach for young professionals. Her areas of expertise included career development, leadership and imposter syndrome. She holds an MSc in Chemistry (Utrecht) and an MA in Coaching and Mentoring (Oxford). She draws on experience in several organisations, such as DSM, tibbe and KPMG, and lived and worked in the Netherlands, the UK and Belgium.

Jerome Custers.jpgOur first speaker is Jerome Custers, Ph.D., who is Senior Scientific Director and Head of Vaccine Generation (>50 scientific staff) at Janssen Vaccines. After obtaining his PhD at Wageningen University, he worked in the biotechnology industry (Syngenta), and then started working at Crucell as research scientist. Jerome has been one of the lead scientists initiating the development of the COVID-19 vaccine at Janssen and together with his team, has been responsible for design of the lead candidate vaccine.

Carolina Villa worshop.jpgCarolina Villa is the second speaker who will tell us about how she ended up in a job that she is very enthusiastic about. She is a process engineer who completed her professional doctorate (PDEng) in bioprocess design at TU Delft and then started working as scientist at DSM. She has now left the lab to work as Ecosystem Manager at Planet, a non-profit organization with the mission to create and develop an open innovation hub for industrial biotechnology in Delft to contribute to the transition to a circular, bio-based economy. She fulfills her current role while completing her MBA at Erasmus University.

Participants to this workshop will be sent a small assignment prior to the event. For that reason, in addition to signing up for NBC-20, make sure to send an e-mail to

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