NBC-21: bioTECHTalks

This event was held on 16 September 2021.

On behalf of the Dutch Biotechnology Association (NBV), we warmly welcome you to participate in the 21st edition of the Netherlands Biotechnology Congress (NBC-21). The event will be held online, on 16 September 2021.

The NBV board is happy to announce the two keynote speakers

  • Mark Post, cofounder of Mosa Meat, Professor of Vascular Physiology at Maastricht University, and famous for the World's first lab-cultured beef burger.
  • Claire Skentelbery, director general EuropaBio (the European Association for Bioindustries), Europe's largest and most influential biotech industry group. 

More talks will be given during the parallel sessions. In addition, iGEM Team Leiden, who won the 2020 Grand Prize, will share a story on developing the diagnostic tool Rapidemic, which is an alternative to the PCR test for COVID-19. 

Registration is now open. Wish to present your work during NBC-21? Submit your abstract now!

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