Keynotes NBC-22


We are proud to announce the NBC-22 keynote speakers: 

Freya Burton

Freya Burton is Chief Sustainability Officer at LanzaTech. With a background in biology, Freya started her career in carbon recycling as one of the first employees of LanzaTech, working directly with LanzaTech's gas fermentation process in the laboratory. She has firsthand experience of scaling and commercializing a new technology, from the R&D stage, through the challenges of fundraising and navigating the legislative environment to deploying new technologies to scale in globally.

Today she leads the Government Relations and External Relations teams at LanzaTech and plays a key part in advocacy groups around the world focused on Circular Economy, Carbon Capture and Utilization, the Bioeconomy and Low Carbon Fuels. She interacts across multiple sectors supporting the commercialization of new low carbon technologies, including contributing to reports on scale up and impact and providing insights on what common issues impacting the deployment of new technologies. Freya has an MA from Cambridge University.

Mark van Loosdrecht

Mark van Loosdrecht studied Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University. After obtaining his PhD in 1988 he moved to the department of Biotechnology at TU Delft. Since 1998 he is professor in Environmental Biotechnology and mainly studies biofilm processes, microbial polymers and nutrient conversion and recovery processes. Several processes developed in his team have been introduced at commercial scale (including Anammox® and Nereda® processes). He currently focusses on conversion of organic waste into biopolymers (PHA and Kaumera).

Van Loosdrecht is member of the KNAW and the Dutch, US and Chinese Academies of Engineering and recipient of amongst others the Stockholm Water Prize in 2018 and the Novozymes Award in 2022. 

Maria Fátima Lucas

Maria Fátima Lucas is co-founder and CEO of ZYMVOL, a Barcelona-based deeptech company specialized in enzyme design and development through computer simulations. With the aim of making industrial chemical processes more sustainable, ZYMVOL is able to discover and optimize enzymes for very specific purposes in less time than with traditional methods. Since its founding in 2017, the company has participated in several European research projects and has worked with industrial clients worldwide.

Thanks to this work, in 2020 María Fátima Lucas was one of the winners of the EU Prize for Women Innovators, awarded by the European Commission.