Submit abstract

Those wishing to contribute to the scientific programme of the congress are invited to submit an abstract for an online oral presentation or a Biotech Highlight. Please use the submission form on the bottom of this page.

  • Abstracts can be submitted seperately or during registration for the conference. Please use the abstract submission form at the bottom of this page to submit your abstract seperately or use the registration form to submit your abstract during registration.
  • The deadline for submitting your abstract is 1 August 2021.
  • The scientific committee will make a selection of presentations based on the received abstracts. 
  • The congress language will be English.
The Biotech Highlights session includes:
  • A public chatroom for each poster and/or movie
  • Opportunity to “connect” with presenter by private chat or video call
  • Option to present a poster or a short movie (2-5 min) (e.g. of a Powerpoint presentation*) 
  • Easy download of the poster
  • Option to link to your research, videos or other websites
* Powerpoint has the option “Record slide show” under the “slide show” tab. Once recorded, you can export it to a movie under file > export > create a video. We will make the video available in the Research Highlights session via a dedicated YouTube channel, which will be closed and cleaned-up straight after the congress. Posters and movies will be eligible for the Biotech Highlights prize!