Kuhner Shaker

Kuhner Shaker is a Swiss manufacturer of Shakers, Shaker Incubators and Shaken Bioreactors. This family business was founded in 1949 by Mr Adolf Kühner with a strong focus on reliability, durability and customer satisfaction. The products of Kuhner Shaker combine the best available construction components with true design ingenuity and thereby set today’s standards in quality. For users this means that choosing a Kuhner instrument is an investment in many years of trouble free shaking or culturing, backed-up by 5 years of guarantee. We are proud to have a large international customer base that love our products since customer happiness is and always has been our key to success. The Benelux office for Kuhner Shakers is based in Leiden and would be happy to serve.

Ask us all about:

  • Our shakers, from small scale to heavy loads
  • Our shaken culturing solutions such as feed beads
  • Our Shaker Incubators for bacterial and cell culture
  • Our Shaken Bioreactors for easy and low-shear scale-up to 2500L

Contact details

Please contact us at:
Name representative: Wouter van der Meer
Email address: WvdMeer@Kuhner.com
Website: www.kuhner.com