Applied biocatalysis

Location: Tuinzaal 2
Time: 14:45 - 16:10h
Chair: Marco Fraaije

Time Speaker Company
14.45 - 14.50 Short introduction
14.50 - 15.10 Peicheng Sun WUR
Two routes of oxidative xyloglucan degradation by lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases from Neurospora crassa
15.10 - 15.30 Eman Abdelraheem TU Delft
Sequential Aldol Condensation Catalyzed by 2-Deoxy-D-Ribose -5-Phosphate Aldolase (DERA)
15.30 - 15.50 Caterina Martin RUG
Rapid enzyme stabilization by computationally designed libraries of HMF oxidase
15.50 - 16.10 Vasilis Tseliou UvA
Generation of novel amine dehydrogenases with unique catalytic behavior from a ε-deamination lysine dehydrogenase

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